Patriotic Poems
Patriotic and Political Poems from Luca the Italian poet with an American Heart, now proud American!

I was born in Rome, Italy... but America is the Country that gave me the opportunity to find myway and to become a better man!
More than 7 years ago I've emigrated to this great Country... and I love her more than my life... as you will see in my Patriotic poems...
People call me the Italian Poet with an American heart...
I love Liberty and the US Constitution!
I support Ron Paul for President and I despise Neocons and socialists!

I don't want to ruin the surprise to find out where I stand, even it's not hard to guess... just read my poems and you'll find out!
You can use my patriotic poems for not commercial purposes, and if you use them on your website, please just mention my name Luca Zanna © and a link to my site
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Read when I became an American!

Patriotic Poems by an Italian immigrant Poet now proud American!

01) Thank You America
02) We the People
03) For those who have forgotten
04) Stop North America Union
05) I love this Country
06) If I don't come back
07) Fluoride
08) Just Back from Hell
09) New World Order
10) Show me the law
11) Prayer of an Anticommunist
12) Silent heroes
13) The price of freedom
14) The Wall
15) To all of you
16) Two angels from the ski
17) I want to understand
18) Remember the Alamo
19) Wake up America
20) We are not afraid
21) Pancho Villa stops here
22) The God who hates
23) Actions and reactions
24) Live Free or Die
25) The Second Amendament
26) I am living in America
27) Get US out of the U.N.
28) Poem to a baby never born