5 Reasons To Use Romantic Poetry While Dating Beautiful Women

Ever thought of performing a love song or reading poetry to your woman? If not, it’s time to consider this romantic gesture. Dating beautiful women is about bringing happiness and joy to each other every day, so don’t hesitate to read the list of our top reasons to turn to poetry and impress your girlfriend on your next date!

  1. To express yourself in a different way

You probably have been in a relationship with women for some time now and have tried all that standard romantic gestures: presenting bouquets and gifts, organizing dates and small travels for a weekend. Doesn’t it seem too trivial for you? Women don’t like boring guys, especially if we are talking about dating Italian women. Thus, writing or reading someone else’s poems about love to your girlfriend will show her how creative you are and how you strive for being an extraordinary partner. 

Also, men often lack words to describe the way they feel and reading a poem can be of great help. To make it work for you, do not rush while choosing a poet or a certain poem, instead, read it a few times and get to know the biography of the author. By doing so you will know the background of the poem and see whether it fits your situation. Remember, dating beautiful women is about consistency and attention, not about haste.

  1. To make you partner be proud of you

Let’s recognize it: all of us love to be appreciated and praised. It is especially true for men. And there is no better way to make your Israeli girlfriend proud of you than taking romantic actions towards her. 

Think of how grateful she will be once she hears you reading a poem to her. She would think: “Now I’d tell all my friends about my special man… And that’s a high time to introduce him to them!”. Don’t you see the point? You will kill two birds with one stone with this step. First, she will be impressed and second, it will help to develop your relationship as she may want to take you to hang out with her friends or invite you to dinner with her family. As a result, dating beautiful women will develop faster than usual. 

One tip to remember while presenting poems to Israeli brides is that you should not do it insincerely. She will definitely notice if you lie to her or flatter her and thus your aim to please her will not be achieved. 

  1. To bring novelty to your routine

If you have been dating Israeli women for some time and have a certain scenario of the relationship development in your head, it is a good idea to bring a novelty to it. First, it will be an interesting experience for you. You’ll see that a relationship is not limited to dinners in cafes, watching movies, and having a walk-in your favorite places. Second, it may become a new ritual in your everyday life. For example, you may start a morning from reading a few lines of sensual romantic poems or finish your day with them. You may text them to her during the day while you two are at work or on business trips to remind her about your feelings. You may leave stickers with romantic quotes on the door of her refrigerator or next to her pillow if you wake up earlier than her in the morning. As you see, there are a variety of ways to bring novelty to dating beautiful women with the help of poetry art. 

  1. To encourage your partner to do something for you

By making such a step closer to your partner, you will encourage her to give it back to you. She may want to sing you some romantic songs, play an instrument for you and so on. She doesn’t need to express herself in poetry as not all people are given talent for writing or presenting poems. Instead, she may cook dinner, dance or paint a picture for you. Remember, if you meet Israeli girl and do something romantic for her, it will not be left unnoticed. 

However, it is important to keep the right goal in mind while dating beautiful women. You are reading romantic Italian poems or writing your own to make her happier first, not to receive her gratitude and get something from her. If you think of getting a reward for yourself, she will hardly like your fake romance. Sincerity is key. 

  1. To make yourself happier

When you make someone happy, it makes you twice happier. This is how our mind works. Doing something with an open heart fills a person with joy and desire to create even more. If you look for inspiration or wish to get a second wind in your life, there is no better way than getting it by doing something for someone. It is not limited to poetry or singing but it is nice to begin with these small steps. Try it once and you’ll see how inspired and happy you will feel after. 

As we noticed earlier, do not fake it. If you feel that writing or reading poems aloud to your partner makes you feel uncomfortable or shy, do not force yourself. Give yourself more time to get used to the idea of public revealing your feelings and try later. 

We hope that the reasons we have given you above will enrich your experience of dating beautiful women. Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have tried following either of our advice and what are your results. Have you written poems to your beloved one for some other reason? Share it with us in the comments field below.